Less Than a Nickel’s Worth of Free Advice

The bible has a lot to say about giving as an act of worship.  But seldom has so much been said by saying so little, as when Jesus took a moment to point out an unsuspecting, poor widow as an example to be gleaned from (Luke 21:1-4). Three things come immediately to mind…

She was a widow.  Where some might turn away from God as a response to the kind of loss she’d suffered, this woman clung to the Lord (Cp. Job 1:21).  I wonder if she might also have clung to the knowledge that, though she may have become a widow, she still had a Husband (Hosea 2:16)?

She was poor. Yet in spite of her poverty, she desired to bring an offering to the Lord.  Enlightening us to heaven’s perspective, Jesus declared her offering, though the least in amount, the most costly of any of the gifts offered (meditate upon 2 Sam. 24:24).  Only the Lord noticed, but, as it was an act of worship, it was only for the Lord to notice anyway.

Much more could be said on this, but I’m humbled by the way that this woman simply put her two cents in and said it all…without saying a word!


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